Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Shut up, Avril.

In all seriousness, I've been having small moments like this.

Then reality sets in, of course...

I'm so confused about what's going to happen.

First, I would like it to be noted that I am no longer worried about Utopia. Just Crashdown. I can't give much information, but things have been explained.

On the note of Crashdown, though. If The Master won't allow the Chosen to talk of it, will I be able to talk to the Linked once I have had Session?

I don't know.

I keep wishing I could talk to WhiteSuit about it. I know he would listen, but after what happened with Wilt... I don't want him to get hurt.

It's frustrating.

I also asked WhiteSuit to train me.

After seeing that both WhiteSuit and Vadiir are both too stubborn about their grudges, I've decided matters may have to come into my own hands.

It's too bad that they're both, obviously, far more powerful than I. I have to have my bro and husband's backs, though. Right?

I just don't want either of them to die...

Is it a fucking crime to want that?

On a lighter note, about the title: I got to cover WhiteSuit in brownie batter yesterday.

He was literally asking for it.

It seems that the chef at the Commune (yes, they had one) passed away, and I wanted some brownies... So I had to take matters into my own hands while WhiteSuit mostly watched.

He's not a good cook.

See, he explained to me as I cooked that before he was too sick to use Theurgy, he dabbled in Ignis. He told me of three instances in which he nearly burned the kitchen down (or maybe he did and they completely remodeled the kitchen each time). The first time was when making a piece of toast. The second was with an omelette. Third was another piece of toast.

Needless to say, he only got to measure a few ingredients.

We made jokes the whole time and it was actually... Pretty funny. I enjoyed it.

About the batter... There was joking that I should lick any stray batter off of him, which lead to me threatening to splattering him in it.

Which I did. Much more than he expected, I believe. I used the whole bowl.

We didn't have any brownies.

Given the one chance to choose between splattering someone who is completely asking for it with brownie batter or not doing so, who chooses the latter?

Not me.

It's a good thing he has his Clean Ring whatchamacallit. It flashes lights and completely cleans him off. It's pretty neat.

I believe he plans for revenge, though...

He mentioned July 19th, my birthday.

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