Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Commune.

It's huge and confusing, I very much dislike this.

I've never been good with directions, and I find it annoying that I can get lost in a house.

It's more of a mansion than a house.

Anyways, my first days here have been interesting. Second day.

Before I came to the Commune, I went with WhiteSuit on a "date."

We were planning to kill CrimsonBranch for what he had done to Vadiir, but Vadiir was not ever really dead. Vadiir got him first. Mutilated his face somehow. He's never going to lick anything again, let alone talk.

Thus far while actually being in the Commune, I have managed to take a tour of the "house," which did not help me very much... Worksheet (WhiteSuit's nickname) showed me something of his that was very important. It's how he has become immortal. He shared it with me.

I'm immortal now. U jelly?

Sadly, I no longer have hazel eyes because of it. The only side-effect it has is changing your eye color to red. Honestly, though, red is pretty bitchin'. Maybe I'll take a picture for you all, one of these days.

That was all yesterday. Today I got to watch Worksheet train.

He told me he couldn't dance, but he's very graceful when he's training with his Relic blade.

He then ordered a Craftsman to come to make my new mask. The Chosen are told to be mean to the Craftsmen by Skinnybitch The Master. It strikes fear into them, this way they will make the masks. Apparently, otherwise they wouldn't make the masks.

I chided Worksheet for this, but he said they also pay double.

"They are paid more than they normally ask for, anyway. Double incentive: Die or extra pay, your choice."

After that, there was idle chat. Worksheet told me his name from before he was a Chosen.

Isaac Butler.

Needless to say, I've been going back and forth with calling him that, throughout the day. It bothers him. For me, it's payback and rather amusing. I think it fits him well.

Of course, at one point he made me stop calling him that. It was rather... Embarrassing how he did so.

He kissed me. Shut up, Doc.


Afterward, he showed me his room. We talked some more. It was rather depressing, I was trying to reason with him about his rivalry with Vadiir. He hopes to kill Vadiir one day in battle. Vadiir is a bro, so I was being largely passive-aggressive about this.

As I said, WhiteSuit is immature, so it went nowhere. I really want to smack him at times. At one time he tried to justify this, saying Vadiir would rather die in battle. He also talked about getting used to death.

Being immortal and seeing others die of old age is one thing, but causing others to die is another.

It's making me angry, thinking about this conversation.

On a lighthearted note, we talked about the fox at one time during the day. The symbol of the resistance.

He did not actually eat it, and it was possessed. This being the reason he was to kill it. Chosen are ordered to kill spirits that do possess animals for fun (or something). Either way, he called Doc gullible after I said I had heard about eating the fox from her.

Soon after, the Craftsman had arrived. I gave Worksheet the ropes on the mask name (I'm honestly just happy I don't have to keep that wretched mask I have right now). My face was measured.

That was it for today. After typing up this blog, I'm going to go bug him some more.

Possibly about his name.

Have a good day, all~


  1. Making a roadkill fox a symbol of resistance for the hell of it makes me gullible? Did he really think I was serious about that? Yes, what's more inspiring than a dead thing on the side of the road? The call me the Jester for a reason, y'know. (loldeaditefox) Of course, thanks to this new revelation, I must rename foxy. He is now Scott. Obviously.

    Oh, and shipping forever, btw~

  2. Oh dear, I hated Scott from Evil Dead with a passion. But I still feel bad for the fox. And he said you were gullible for thinking he ate it.

    ... Buhhh, be quiet.

  3. Meh. I wouldn't have put it past him. Crazy people do crazy things. I should know. And Scott was the only one in that movie that had any brains at all. (Sorry Ash, I love you dearly, but you're a total dumbash. *rimshot*)

    And, no. ^_^

  4. Maybe, but he was being a complete dick before he could have known that Ash's girlfriend had become a Deadite. Maybe he was smart, but he was a douche-kebab.

    AND YES, hushhhh.

  5. It was a life-or-death situation. He was just being practical. Besides, anyone who's seen a horror movie knows exactly what's gonna happen anyway. And you say that as if Ash has any trouble getting women, heh.

    And I think I'll keep shipping. Your new last name on Blogger only serves to prove my point.

  6. He was a practical dick. :I He didn't know he was in a goddamn horror story. Why is everyone arguing like that matters? In principle, it doesn't make him any less of a douche.

    It was a joke! As in HAHA! Goddamnit.

  7. Hey, if my friends started turning into zombie-demon-things, the first thing I'd assume is HORROR MOVIE. Actually, I'd assumed I was in a horror story for a while after I was Chosen, but it seems more like an epic of some sort, what with all the magic and swords and battles and...stuff. And before I do anything in an epic, I have to figure out my role...

    And it doesn't seem very jokey to me~

  8. Gah. Except this is real life.
    And I think this would be more... Fantasy-mystery-drama? Comedy with us? I don't even know.

    And it was! He hates his name!

  9. Are you even sure it's real life anymore? After all that's happened, I wouldn't be surprised if I was just some character in some fictional story. I'm pretty sure I'd just be a side-plot, too, the stuff that's been going down in Britain would be the main story. *over analyzes everything* And yeah, with all those genres mixed, I'm thinking an epic, because I don't have any other way to describe it.

    And it still means you love him~

  10. You think too much.
    That's a silly idea, bro.
    And I suppose epic fits.

    I do not. >:U

  11. I like thinking too much, thanks. Even though it makes me miss obvious things. AND IT'S POSSIBLE. You know pixies are real, man? The way I see it, damned near anything's possible.

    And you do.

  12. Pixies?
    Oh, I saw that. From Vadiir.
    Apparently they're also edible.

    Shut up. From