Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day. First Entry.


If you don't know me, my name's Jenifer. Or WhiteDress, I suppose.

I was a normal girl living in Missouri until a few weeks ago.

My life changed a lot.

I was chased by a group called the Chosen, or more specifically, a man named WhiteSuit. They are led by what you may know as the Slenderman. The Master.

Or, known as to one of my good friends and I, Skinnybitch. c:

The Chosen wanted to make my friend Hanna (better known as Doc over here) and I a Chosen. To follow their Master's orders blindly. We would have what they call "Session," put on our Chosen Masks, and only be called by our Chosen name.

It sounded pretty crappy, so we ran.

Armed with our wit, dashing good looks, wonderful humor, and Doc's badass grandpa, we escaped them. We evaded them. We rebelled and fought arm and leg for our freedom.

I failed, though.

See, WhiteSuit says he loves me. He said he would settle for just having me if I would come to him. He would leave Doc alone. Then he and I would be together.

I couldn't pass it up.

We've been running for what feels like months, years even. It hasn't been long at all. We couldn't continue this forever. Someone could get hurt, someone could die, someone could have been caught anyways to leave the other feeling hopeless.

It may as well be me to go. I have a feeling that WhiteSuit would not have given up on me. I was doomed to that from the start. As soon as this insane and wonderful man decided it.

He always gets what he wants, I think he's a bit spoiled and immature at times, but that might just be me. <3

And so, without further ado, I give you this blog.

Next Session is in about a month. August 15th I believe.

This is a countdown.

This is to keep track of my maddening descent.

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