Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am now fifteen.

Don't feel much different.

I feel a bit bad for my family. Birthday and all. They haven't seen me since I ran off on my bike, looking terrified. That was just my family at my mum's house too. Haven't seen my dad and his fiancee in an even longer time...

On the bright side, I've gotten several people saying happy birthday to me!!! Vadiir, Doc, WhiteSuit...

Anyways, I'm sorry for not updating about the mission.

See, it went smoothly. Much more than I thought.

My husband is a badass.

Slightly? c:

Anyhow, the mission was to retrieve an artifact of some sort from Theurges. I honestly didn't know much about the mission details, but it was apparently important. I didn't quite understand why this was my first mission, either. WhiteSuit said that it may be to prove I was trustworthy? Skinnybitch himself decided it... Frankly, I wasn't of much use. If anything, probably in the way, seeing as WhiteSuit worried about me.

He irked me, though. I'm fairly sure he killed every single one of the Theurges we encountered. He had said he let the first boy go, but I didn't see how it ended. He told me to go onward. He then tried to sugarcoat the facts when it was obvious he killed another, later on. Saying something about not wanting me to see it...

This wife is not amused. I'm pretty sure he does that sort of thing quite often, too.

Yes, Mr. Butler, I am onto you.

There has also been something else I haven't regarded in these blog entries yet... The fact that the Commune here is so empty.

There were other Chosen here before--even a chef, but they're all gone now. I questioned WhiteSuit about it and he was very sullen, giving vague answers.

He, MistHeart, and HiveTree. The only ones left of a whole Commune, and WhiteSuit, someone who kills without much hesitation, didn't want to talk about it.

Of course I wasn't just going to nod my head and be okay with what little information he gave me. I found MistHeart and we had an... Awkward chat.

I'm not quite sure I want to post what the story was, here... At least... Not yet. Definitely not yet.

All I can say is that I'm so glad Doc and I evaded coming here for so long. So glad. I also don't quite like the sounds of HiveTree. I have yet to meet him, but he sounds frightening...

I also talked with WhiteSuit about The Cause and Utopia. It seems... When you go into Session, there's a contract of sorts. If you are ever to be free of the Master's control, you must Rebel? WhiteSuit said it was to show that humans can get right along without His help, without Him creating the Utopia...

I'm not sure what to think. I feel like I'm losing myself.

Normally I would have passed all of this off as rubbish, but listening to WhiteSuit talk about it... Gleam in his eyes...

It makes you want to just listen.

I suppose this blog title is fairly accurate, though. It was simply based off of a favorite computer game's name (Amnesia: The Dark Descent), but...

I'm scared of how things are changing. I don't want to have such a closed mind.

I'm scared of how I might change after Session.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Shut up, Avril.

In all seriousness, I've been having small moments like this.

Then reality sets in, of course...

I'm so confused about what's going to happen.

First, I would like it to be noted that I am no longer worried about Utopia. Just Crashdown. I can't give much information, but things have been explained.

On the note of Crashdown, though. If The Master won't allow the Chosen to talk of it, will I be able to talk to the Linked once I have had Session?

I don't know.

I keep wishing I could talk to WhiteSuit about it. I know he would listen, but after what happened with Wilt... I don't want him to get hurt.

It's frustrating.

I also asked WhiteSuit to train me.

After seeing that both WhiteSuit and Vadiir are both too stubborn about their grudges, I've decided matters may have to come into my own hands.

It's too bad that they're both, obviously, far more powerful than I. I have to have my bro and husband's backs, though. Right?

I just don't want either of them to die...

Is it a fucking crime to want that?

On a lighter note, about the title: I got to cover WhiteSuit in brownie batter yesterday.

He was literally asking for it.

It seems that the chef at the Commune (yes, they had one) passed away, and I wanted some brownies... So I had to take matters into my own hands while WhiteSuit mostly watched.

He's not a good cook.

See, he explained to me as I cooked that before he was too sick to use Theurgy, he dabbled in Ignis. He told me of three instances in which he nearly burned the kitchen down (or maybe he did and they completely remodeled the kitchen each time). The first time was when making a piece of toast. The second was with an omelette. Third was another piece of toast.

Needless to say, he only got to measure a few ingredients.

We made jokes the whole time and it was actually... Pretty funny. I enjoyed it.

About the batter... There was joking that I should lick any stray batter off of him, which lead to me threatening to splattering him in it.

Which I did. Much more than he expected, I believe. I used the whole bowl.

We didn't have any brownies.

Given the one chance to choose between splattering someone who is completely asking for it with brownie batter or not doing so, who chooses the latter?

Not me.

It's a good thing he has his Clean Ring whatchamacallit. It flashes lights and completely cleans him off. It's pretty neat.

I believe he plans for revenge, though...

He mentioned July 19th, my birthday.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Commune.

It's huge and confusing, I very much dislike this.

I've never been good with directions, and I find it annoying that I can get lost in a house.

It's more of a mansion than a house.

Anyways, my first days here have been interesting. Second day.

Before I came to the Commune, I went with WhiteSuit on a "date."

We were planning to kill CrimsonBranch for what he had done to Vadiir, but Vadiir was not ever really dead. Vadiir got him first. Mutilated his face somehow. He's never going to lick anything again, let alone talk.

Thus far while actually being in the Commune, I have managed to take a tour of the "house," which did not help me very much... Worksheet (WhiteSuit's nickname) showed me something of his that was very important. It's how he has become immortal. He shared it with me.

I'm immortal now. U jelly?

Sadly, I no longer have hazel eyes because of it. The only side-effect it has is changing your eye color to red. Honestly, though, red is pretty bitchin'. Maybe I'll take a picture for you all, one of these days.

That was all yesterday. Today I got to watch Worksheet train.

He told me he couldn't dance, but he's very graceful when he's training with his Relic blade.

He then ordered a Craftsman to come to make my new mask. The Chosen are told to be mean to the Craftsmen by Skinnybitch The Master. It strikes fear into them, this way they will make the masks. Apparently, otherwise they wouldn't make the masks.

I chided Worksheet for this, but he said they also pay double.

"They are paid more than they normally ask for, anyway. Double incentive: Die or extra pay, your choice."

After that, there was idle chat. Worksheet told me his name from before he was a Chosen.

Isaac Butler.

Needless to say, I've been going back and forth with calling him that, throughout the day. It bothers him. For me, it's payback and rather amusing. I think it fits him well.

Of course, at one point he made me stop calling him that. It was rather... Embarrassing how he did so.

He kissed me. Shut up, Doc.


Afterward, he showed me his room. We talked some more. It was rather depressing, I was trying to reason with him about his rivalry with Vadiir. He hopes to kill Vadiir one day in battle. Vadiir is a bro, so I was being largely passive-aggressive about this.

As I said, WhiteSuit is immature, so it went nowhere. I really want to smack him at times. At one time he tried to justify this, saying Vadiir would rather die in battle. He also talked about getting used to death.

Being immortal and seeing others die of old age is one thing, but causing others to die is another.

It's making me angry, thinking about this conversation.

On a lighthearted note, we talked about the fox at one time during the day. The symbol of the resistance.

He did not actually eat it, and it was possessed. This being the reason he was to kill it. Chosen are ordered to kill spirits that do possess animals for fun (or something). Either way, he called Doc gullible after I said I had heard about eating the fox from her.

Soon after, the Craftsman had arrived. I gave Worksheet the ropes on the mask name (I'm honestly just happy I don't have to keep that wretched mask I have right now). My face was measured.

That was it for today. After typing up this blog, I'm going to go bug him some more.

Possibly about his name.

Have a good day, all~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day. First Entry.


If you don't know me, my name's Jenifer. Or WhiteDress, I suppose.

I was a normal girl living in Missouri until a few weeks ago.

My life changed a lot.

I was chased by a group called the Chosen, or more specifically, a man named WhiteSuit. They are led by what you may know as the Slenderman. The Master.

Or, known as to one of my good friends and I, Skinnybitch. c:

The Chosen wanted to make my friend Hanna (better known as Doc over here) and I a Chosen. To follow their Master's orders blindly. We would have what they call "Session," put on our Chosen Masks, and only be called by our Chosen name.

It sounded pretty crappy, so we ran.

Armed with our wit, dashing good looks, wonderful humor, and Doc's badass grandpa, we escaped them. We evaded them. We rebelled and fought arm and leg for our freedom.

I failed, though.

See, WhiteSuit says he loves me. He said he would settle for just having me if I would come to him. He would leave Doc alone. Then he and I would be together.

I couldn't pass it up.

We've been running for what feels like months, years even. It hasn't been long at all. We couldn't continue this forever. Someone could get hurt, someone could die, someone could have been caught anyways to leave the other feeling hopeless.

It may as well be me to go. I have a feeling that WhiteSuit would not have given up on me. I was doomed to that from the start. As soon as this insane and wonderful man decided it.

He always gets what he wants, I think he's a bit spoiled and immature at times, but that might just be me. <3

And so, without further ado, I give you this blog.

Next Session is in about a month. August 15th I believe.

This is a countdown.

This is to keep track of my maddening descent.